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Understanding Your Values Masterclass
Life Planning Workshop Weekend
Find out what's really important.
We all do things that serve what's important to us. We just don't always know what that is. We also sometimes think we are serving one value - when we are serving a different value altogether.

In this class you will get a list of your values and put them in order of importance. Serving a higher value sometimes means we violate a lower value.

What rules do you have around your values?
This is a step that most people miss out on. If you have rules that are difficult to satisfy, then you will never feel as if your life is going right.

Values Conflicts
We explore the need to reconcile values conflicts - for example if spending time with your children is a top value it might conflict with making money to support your family.
Re-Order your Values
You are in charge of your life. You can change the order that your values are in.

Workbook and Homeplay
You will leave with a great understanding of yourself and your life, and a permanent record of your values.

Let's get your dreams out of your head and onto paper. Whether you have big dreams or small dreams you need to get clear on what you want.

Exploring the resources you will need.
We all need something else to make our dreams real. It may be other people who you need to identify and work with. It may be finances. It may be skills. Whatever it is you need to be clear on what you need to make it work.
What limiting beliefs are holding you back?
If you have negative, limiting beliefs about yourself and your situation in life, then you will NEVER get what you want. You will constantly self-sabotage yourself. Linda will help you to get rid of these limiting beliefs for ever.

Shifting Negative Emotional States
The negative emotions of anger, hurt, sadness, regret, fear and worry can stop us before we even begin. These are other negative emotions are a response to past events. They were meant to be a lesson - not a life sentence.

So we get rid of these negative emotions such that they no longer stop you living the life of your dreams.

Visualisation of End Results
Linda will lead your through a process of embedding your goals into your unconscious mind such that you will start taking steps to achieve your dream life without effort. This is extremely powerful.
Homeplay and Workbook
The workbook you use will become a template for your future. Your homeplay will be to constantly review and revise your goals as your start achieving your dream life.